Give Grace.

UPDATE: I wrote this blog post several weeks ago. I filed it away in drafts with the intentions of proofreading it and then eventually posting but life happened yet again. This morning I woke up with articles shared in my family group text. No caption or witty excerpt accompanied, just a link.

I rubbed the sleep & allergies & three day old mascara out of eye and read the headline – 50 Dead, Hundreds Injured in Las Vegas Mass Shooting…

I’m not a wordsmith, I don’t know how to solve the world’s problems and I’m mad as hell at the horrible man who decided to take so many lives for absolutely no reason at all. But what I wrote below still holds true. We’re all hurting, we’re all equally deserving, give some grace. Show some love. 


xoxo, SG.




Hello, Saints! – Stole that from my favorite Instagram personality, Cavanaugh Adams.

Cav, if you’re reading this, I think we should discuss the potential of us getting married… I really think it could work.

I’m rejoining the blogosphere after a very brief hiatus due to the fact that I moved and then a hurricane hit my world. I won’t tell you which one, but I’ll tell you that it was a pain in the ass and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy in the entire damn world.


Currently, I’m sitting on my cute little front porch, decorated with fall flowers and homemade crafts from my college days of cheetos and free time and I’m just thinking…

I’m burning a Fall candle, yes – I am burning a candle OUTSIDE because my town does not yet smell like Fall and I’m listening to the storm roll in and I’m just thinking about grace.

I’m just wondering… How often do you receive grace when you probably don’t deserve it? And I don’t mean the immediate Grace, like the one where our sweet Abba Father forgives us daily for all of the complete crap that we do, but the grace that we receive from people around us (which distantly is the Abba Father Grace, but work with me).

I know that I receive grace – when I DEFINITELY don’t deserve it – at least 4 times a week. I am sassy. I am inconsiderate. I talk way too much when I need to be listening, and sometimes only half listen when I’m not talking. And yet, I still have friends and family and strangers that show me grace and wrap me in love and ignore run on sentences that should have been split up by at least a comma. Isn’t it beautiful?

So if I receive all of this grace, this daily forgiveness for being a shithead, sometimes before I even am, you’d think I’d be giving grace just as fast as I take it.

I try, trust me – I TRY. But I do find myself meditating on the words “Give Grace” more and more every single day. Perhaps it’s something we should all meditate on.

When that guy is a jerk on the road, or the lady on the phone is anything but helpful or your coworker seems like she’s deliberately trying to drive you to murder her,

Give Some Damn Grace.




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