Warm Fuzzies

Hello babies,

Just a short little HEYO because I make my own rules and stuff.

My boss just started this affirmation project where each week we’re given cards to fill out whenever someone does something we appreciate. It’s a cool idea in theory but at this point we’re all out of compliments because I’m not going to thank you for doing your job…

Anyway, at the end of the week we all drop our cards into a box and our boss draws a winner for a gift card of some sort.

And guess what…

DING DING DING- you’re listening to this week’s winner.

My winning card said “Thanks for taking out the full trash” – I guess this is different from when I take out the empty trash? Is it more appreciated this time? 🤔

It was a passive aggressive “thank you” because I definitely complained like a little bitch when I had to take out the trash while 2 grown men sat next to me after filling up said trash, but a win nonetheless.

I am blessed.


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