Hello Pheasants,

I hope you’re prepped and ready for the sassy ramblings of a grumpy white girl. I’ll try and keep it shorter than Britney’s Vegas Marriage.

Let’s chat about something that most of us subconsciously think about but rarely discuss. Something we’re all (at least most of us) taught at a very young age and try to live out on the daily. Miss Aretha sang it well, R-E-S-P-E-C-T… but her song isn’t overly relevant because I’m not talking about getting respect from a man you’re giving some sugar, so we’ll just leave it at that.

Respect is something you might sometimes have to earn, but something you should always show others. All the time. All the damn time.

  • When you’re eating in a restaurant… That waitress that’s asked you 17 times if you’re doing okay — respect. 
  • That lady in Dillard’s who works on commission, who checks on you when you walk into her section — respect. 
  • That cute little girl in the boutique who is trying to compliment your name brand shoes that are 100% out of place in our tiny town (and a bit tacky) — RESPECT. 
Really, respect goes hand in hand with kindness. Show it, receive it. 

We’re all just putzing around in this shark tank of a world; why wouldn’t we make it easier on each other and just be kind to one another?

That’s all.



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