Single Forever


A darling fellow chubster that I knew in college recently got engaged to a boy she met in a bar and hooked up with briefly, I guess until she decided to lock that down. Props to her, he’s not ugly. But this was not just your normal “we went out and I happen to meet a guy while I was out” love story. This was THE nastiest bar in my tiny college town where she was a regular and met a fellow regular and it was apparently bliss from there on out. I’m pretty sure everyone in my tiny college town let out a collective “yeah… that won’t last.” but DING- it did! I’m happy for her, don’t get me wrong. I hope her marriage is long and full of love and giggles but man-oh-man was that a kick to the uterus. 

Here I am. Single, not so ready to mingle, and wondering why I couldn’t find a semi-attractive  FWB (minus the WB) and persuade him to put a ring on it. I’m a funny, relatively intelligent and in my humble opinion, cute, individual but bar regs 1 & 2 get to live happily ever after.

In between blog ramblings in my head and filling out online dating profiles I made list of things that I DO like about solidarity.

  1. I only have to shave when I feel like it, because no one else is touching me or my goods.
  2. I get A LOT of rest. A solid bed time and the occasional Sunday nap do a body good.
  3. I save a ton of money on gas. Having zero social life and living close to where I work is v efficient.
  4. I make a great wing woman. I’m funny as hell and will pretty much say or do anything you tell me to do. (with enough tequila)
  5. Lastly, I get the whole damn bed TO MYSELF.

This isn’t a standard Sassy Gal blog post, don’t think I’ll whine about being alone on the reg. But currently, these are my sassy thoughts .

Also, shoutout to my chubster friend who actually recently lost the chub and looked great for her engagement that I’m not at all excited about.



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